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Welcome to our Frequently Asked Questions part of the knowledge base. This is our official area for FAQs. It’s more detailed than on the product landing pages and covers everything we’ve been asked that’s relevant to others.

How do I install Jetpack CRM core?

Once you’ve downloaded the ZIP file, go to Plugins then Add New. Upload the ZIP and activate. You can also download directly from the plugins respository

How do I install Jetpack CRM extensions?

Once you’ve downloaded the ZIP file, go to Plugins (yoursite.com/wp-admin/plugins.php) then Add New. Upload the ZIP and activate the extension.

Is there an API?

Yes. We have got an API for the core plugin. You enable this via the Extensions Manager

Do you take on custom development?

We understand that a CRM can be re-factored into a number of different business management tools. We aren’t taking on custom development. Read about Requesting Features here. 

Where can I demo the extensions?

We don’t run a live demo of the extensions. The extensions are transactional, i.e. sending emails, creating invoices. As such, opening up a demo would open up full use of a CRM

What is your support policy

You can read our support policy here.

How do subscriptions work?

All of our extensions are sold using a subscription model. The prices you see are annual prices. The annual price covers updates and support. Your subscription remains active and automatically renews unless you cancel it.

Will the extensions stop working if I cancel my subscription?

After the first year, the extensions will be fully functional on your website(s). But if your subscription has expired you wont receive any new updates and support from us anymore. Of course we will advise you to maintain an active subscription for the safety of your site, to receive new released functions and to receive any help from our support department when you need to. But renewing your subscription is your own choice. You can learn how to cancel your subscription here

How can I rebrand the plugin?

Our Reseller Package has a rebranding option. Throughout the CRM pages (non site admin roles) the plugin is referred to as Jetpack CRM. So no profanity exists in the actual customer management areas.

Can I resell the CRM to my clients?

We offer a Reseller License which grants you use of the site on 10 domains. If you have more domains than this contact us to discuss higher tiered options.

Is there a multi-site license?

Our bundles and individual extensions are all sold on a single site license. A CRM system isn’t something you’d run ‘Multi-Site’ or even on a WordPress Multi Site Network. If you want to save on the per license cost for all the extensions we offer the Reseller extension which gives you a 10 site use. This works out at 75% discount compared to purchasing 10 Entreprenuer’s Bundles

Do I get every future extension in the Freelancers Bundle?

No, only the Entrepreneur’s bundle and the Reseller’s bundle grant access to all the extensions (and any future ones we develop, as long as your subscription is active).

What is your refund policy?

We offer a full, no-hassle refund within 30 days. You can read more about that, and how to request a refund, at this page.