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How to Get Customers into Jetpack CRM

If you’ve landed here, you probably want to get your existing leads and customers into Jetpack CRM. Great to have you on board!

If you’ve not yet installed the WordPress plugin, here’s our guide on that. Once you’ve got Jetpack CRM installed, you’re ready to roll.

Get Paid. But first, organize your contacts!

There are a variety of ways our users get their contacts into Jetpack CRM. Some enter them manually and some import them using a CSV file. Most use our various paid and free integrations. We’ll cover those three main use cases here.

Don’t forget that customers are your life blood, and leads are just untapped potential customers.


Note: Whereas business users aim to convert leads to customers, other users may prefer the terminology donors, supporters, etc. In our documentation, we frequently use the terms customer and contact interchangeably. There is nothing stopping you use Jetpack CRM for non-profit organisations. In fact, it’s great for that!

Add contacts Manually

Even if you sync/import customers in a big batch, you might still want to add a one-off customer manually. Or if you’re a small/local business (e.g. a construction firm, taxi office, or dog groomer), you may want to manage your contacts directly. Here’s how you go about adding your first contact:

  1. Go to the Jetpack CRM menu item in WordPress.
  2. Click Contacts > Add New.
  3. Fill in the contact info.
  4. Click the Save button.

That’s it! If you’d like a video tutorial that goes into more options, here you go:

Import Customers from CSV

When migrating from legacy homegrown systems, mailing lists, or dusty spreadsheets locked in your company shared drive, often the easiest option is to save the old data to a CSV file, a standard file format.

Jetpack CRM has a built-in CSV importer that can process properly-formatted CSV files. Once you have a CSV file, here are the steps to import:

  1. Go to the Jetpack CRM menu item in WordPress.
  2. Click Contacts > Import.
  3. Select your CSV file.
  4. As prompted, map the CSV columns to CRM fields (i.e. ensure the “first name” column in your CSV is mapped to the “first name” field in Jetpack CRM).
  5. Run your import.

Note: If you need to import contact custom fields, you might consider CSV Importer Pro. This paid extension also imports transactions and companies!

Import customers from PayPal, Stripe, or WooCommerce

Our powerful integrations allow you to import your contact and transaction history from various sources:

Each integration has its own setup, but after your first import, they will automatically keep your Jetpack CRM customer and transaction data up to date. No need to do anything; this is “set-and-forget” at its best!

What’s more, once that’s all set up you can use awesome extensions like Sales Dashboard to get fancy graphs and do detailed customer analysis, or Mail Campaigns to reach out to those who have already bought from you (huge potential for follow up sales). Of course, all of these are optional, but take a look at our bundles if you’re interested!

For developers

There’s no end to third-party solutions out there, and there’s no way we can build out integrations for everything, but we do have an API that allows infinite extensibility!

More Help Importing Customer Data into Jetpack CRM

Need more guidance on each extension? Check out the CRM knowledgebase.

Need customers in from another ecommerce platform, or somewhere else? Let us know.

Updated on June 28, 2023

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