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Reporting Bugs to us

As with any software, bugs happen. Should you ever need to report a bug to us, this article has a few tips on how you can help us help you most effectively.

Submitting Bugs

There are a few things you can do that will help us tremendously when responding to your bug tickets.

1. Include a brief description in the subject line.

It’s a little thing, but it helps us spot these tickets in the queue.

2. Include a detailed description of the bug, along with the steps to reproduce it, and what you think should happen.

Here is a good example of a bug report:

I’m logged in as a Jetpack CRM Invoice Manager.

When I got to Manage Invoices there’s no Add New button.

I’m using the Slimline Menu option.

When I log in as Jetpack CRM Full Permissions. I can add a new invoice (the button is there)

My expectation is that the ‘Add New’ button should be there if I’m an Invoice Manager.

Here is a not so great example:

Add New Invoice isn’t working.

Submit a bug report

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