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Jetpack CRM Support Policy

At Jetpack CRM we take pride in providing efficient support via our help desk. Our support policy below outlines what we can and can’t assist with when it comes to support.

Scope of Support

We provide support for the core and the extensions. The table below summarises what we can and cannot assist with:

Assistance installing and setting up the CRMHappy to help ☺ 
Technical questions about the CRM’s built-in features and functionality (including extensions)Happy to help ☺ 
Product bug fixesHappy to help ☺ 
Compatibility with 3rd party plugins Cannot help ☹
Customizing product visuals or functionality Cannot help ☹
Server technical assistance & configuration Cannot help ☹
Help with Client Specific Requests Cannot help ☹
Custom development and codeCannot help ☹

We do not provide general WordPress support. Please refer to the WordPress.org forums for general WordPress support (i.e. what is WordPress and how to use it).

We prioritise extensions support over the core CRM. This is because we give priority to our paying customers (and is only available for those who have an active subscription).

Support is provided to the original license holder and are non-transferable. We can only support the number of sites listed specified in your license.

Server Access

In some circumstances, we may request or be provided access to your web server(s) and/or WordPress administration panel to help diagnose and address issues.

We remind customers that we cannot be held responsible for any consequences of any access granted. It remains the responsibility of the customer to ensure data integrity, availability and security. We suggest customers take appropriate backup and security measures before and after granting access.

Bug Fixing

We are committed to regularly updating the core and the extensions. If you encounter a bug, please report it to our support team for them to investigate. Any security related bug is fixed immediately and an update released as soon as practicably possible.

Submitting a ticket

If you’ve read the above, thoroughly checked the knowledge base for answers, and believe your support request is within the above classifications, then you can submit a ticket here.