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How do I create a Quote?

Create your Quote

Creating your Quote is super easy in Jetpack CRM. First click “Quotes -> Add new”.

Next you’ll need to choose which contact to assign the Quote to, as well as filling in a few general details about your quote/proposal:

The Quote Builder

The Quote Builder is a huge timesaver when it comes to creating your Quotes. The Web Design: Example is the template included in the CRM.

Clicking ‘Use Quote Builder’ will load in your template with your Quote Details and save you typing out the whole Quote again with customer information each time.

This populates the usual WYSIWYG editor with your Quote Template but, importantly with

Information Missing from the Quote Template

If you’ve not filled in your Business Information in the Invoice Builder then some of your Quote information might be missing. The Quote Template uses your Business Name and information in the Invoice Builder.

Making your Quote Templates

This is the REALLY powerful part of Jetpack CRM’s Quote capability. You can create as many Quote templates as you like and use them on as many quotes as you like.

The easiest way to know how to do this is to go to the ‘Manage Quote Templates’ link and edit the example provided.

The fields that can be used are also detailed below


Once you’re happy with your template, you can save it and use it in future Quotes.

Finalising your Quote

Once you’re happy with the Quote that’s been loaded into the editor, you can finalise it, then save the Quote and once you’re saved you can send the Quote to your customer via email, link, or downloaded PDF.

How do Customers Access their Quote

Quotes are accessible to clients via the Client Portal. If you’ve not generated a Client Portal for the user then they won’t have access to the Quote until you generate it for them, (unless you’re using our fancy new easy-access links).

We’ve added this extra layer of security to prevent quotes being accessed by anyone.

How do Customers Accept the Quote

Once logged into the Portal, (or viewing via easy-access links), contacts accept the Quote by clicking “Accept quote” at the bottom of the quote itself.

If you’re testing out the Quote Functionality by issuing yourself a quote, you may see a 404 page not found.

If this happens you may need to refresh your permalinks. You do this by going into the WordPress Settings and then Permalinks. Once you’re in there you need to set the permalinks to Default, save the page. Then set them back to your original setting and save the page again. The 404 should then go away.

Updated on June 12, 2020

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