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How to use Custom Fields in Jetpack CRM

Here’s a quick guide on using Custom Fields in Jetpack CRM.

You can access the custom field editor by clicking Jetpack CRM Settings -> Custom Fields:

How to add a custom field

  1. Log into your WordPress and go to ‘Jetpack CRM -> Settings’ from your WordPress menu
  2. From the menu on the top left of settings, select “Custom Fields”
  3. From this screen you can add or update any number of custom fields against: Contact, Address, Companies, and Quotes. Note: Adding fields to the “Address” section adds them to anywhere you see Addresses in Jetpack CRM.

What Field name does my custom field use?

As per the page for all contact field names, Contact Custom Fields get a fieldname (key) when they’re created. You can see this key from the Custom Fields screen, under “Source” in a teal-coloured label.

These are usually permalink-style.


"Food Preference" as a label would make the key:

Updated on September 16, 2020

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