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How to use Custom Fields in Jetpack CRM

You can access the custom field editor by going to Jetpack CRM > CRM Settings > Custom Fields.

From there, you can add or edit custom fields for contacts, companies, quotes, invoices, transactions, and addresses.

Adding fields to the “Address” section adds them to anywhere you see Addresses in Jetpack CRM.

Creating a custom field

  1. Locate the section for which you want to create a custom field (contact, company quote, etc), and click the “+ Add Custom Field” button.
  2. Enter a Field Name.
  3. Select a Field Type from the dropdown list (text, textarea, date, etc).
  4. Optional: Enter placeholder text that you want to appear anywhere that custom field is used. The placeholder text can be manually edited and changed when editing the contact, company, invoice, or whatever item in which the custom field is being used.
  5. Scroll down to the bottom of the page and click the “Save Custom Fields” button.

Creating a custom file upload box

One of the custom field options is creating custom file upload boxes, which will create a Files tab/view of uploaded files when viewing a contact from your Jetpack CRM Dashboard.

Note: After you’ve added a custom file upload box field in the settings, you need to edit the contact to upload actual files to that contact.

What field name does my custom field use?

As per the page for all contact field names, custom fields get a field key once they’re saved. You can see these keys under the custom field name on the settings page.

A note about placeholders and emails

When adding custom field placeholders in emails, you don’t see them displaying well in the preview and test emails.
When you send out the campaigns, the placeholders will appear as expected.

You can test it with your own contact/email segment to ensure you’re using the placeholder with the custom name correctly.

Updated on August 23, 2023

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