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Rebrandr: the white-label service for Jetpack CRM


Rebrandr is a branding service that replaces the standard Jetpack CRM branding with your own brand.

Resellers get this service included for free, and Entrepreneur license holders can contact us to subscribe to Rebrandr for $20/month. As per our terms of service, rebranded content should not be distributed for free or uploaded to third-party marketplaces.

How it works

Log into app.jetpackcrm.com and select Rebrandr from the menu.

The first time you visit the page you will see a Rebrandr landing page that looks something like this.

The first step is to create your brand template.

Once you’ve saved your brand template saved, you’ll be taken back to the Rebrandr landing page where you can start the build.

You can then download the bundle of rebranded plugins.

To install the rebranded plugins, you will first need to unzip the downloaded bundle. Inside that zip you will find the main plugin zip and each extension zip. Upload the main plugin and the desired extensions, and you’re set!

Note that for each installed plugin, branded updates occur automatically via the native WordPress system as soon as we deploy a new release.

Updated on April 21, 2023

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