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Jetpack CRM API Key and API Secrets

Jetpack CRM has an API which can be used to programatically talk to your install of Jetpack CRM.

It’s perfect if you want to connect existing programs to start adding data to the CRM.

Enabling the API

To use the Jetpack CRM API first you first need to enable it. You do this by going to Jetpack CRM > Core Modules and make sure the API is activated:

Generating API keys

Once you have activated the API functionality you’ll need to generate your API keys you do this over in Jetpack CRM settings.

Once you’ve generated your API key and API secret then you’re ready to start sending API Calls!:

Software Development Kit

We’re producing a useful software development kit that you can use with Jetpack CRM’s API. This will make it even easier to write useful integrations to the CRM.

Updated on August 16, 2022

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