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Integrate Jetpack CRM with Zapier

Using Zapier gives you a way to automate your workflows when using Jetpack CRM through the use of the Jetpack CRM API. Our Zapier app is currently available for Entrepreneur Bundle and Resellers.

Before using Zapier though check out our extensions which can do a lot already (and save your ZAPs for more esoteric operations). That said, if we don’t already have an integration via an extension, Zapier may be a viable solution.

Step 1: Enable the Jetpack CRM API

You do this under Jetpack CRM > Core Modules. Once the API is activated, you can generate credentials that Zapier will use to connect to your CRM install.

Step 2: Get Access to our Zapier App

The Zapier app is Invite Only so once you’ve purchased contact us and let us know you’d like access.

Step 3: Connect your Jetpack install

When you create a new zap and choose Jetpack CRM as the trigger or action you’ll be asked to connect your Jetpack CRM app.

You can get these credentials from the API tab of your Jetpack CRM Settings.

Note: If you get a 404 when trying to connect Zapier, try re-saving your permalinks settings and connecting Zapier again.

Step 4: Create a Zap

Once Zapier is connected to your Jetpack CRM site, you can then create a zap using any available triggers or actions.


  • New customer
  • New invoice
  • New transaction
  • New quote


  • Create customer
  • Create transaction
  • Find customer

What can I use Zapier for with Jetpack CRM?

Here’s some of the common tasks that we use at Jetpack CRM to help with our business operations.

Jetpack CRM (trigger) to -> [OTHER APP] (action)

  • We log all new transactions into a Google Sheet. This helps us massively when it comes to book-keeping and transaction analysis
  • We setup a notification email on a new customer to automate notifying us that there’s been a new customer added (so we don’t miss a follow up)

[OTHER APP] (trigger) to -> Jetpack CRM (action)

  • If we get a new subscriber to our ConvertKit email list, we’ll automate them being added to the CRM as a ‘Lead’ making a note that ‘Customer X has subscribed to the list’ in the Customer Activity Log

There’s much more you can do here using Zapier, take a look at the app that they support and you’ll be able to connect your CRM up either as the trigger (to trigger something in another app) or as the recipient (to be triggered when something happens in another app).

It’s really powerful and helps automate some of the mundane tasks. Running Jetpack CRM, Zapier and complimenting with our powerful extensions, running Jetpack CRM as your CRM becoming the ever more popular choice amongst Entrepreneur’s.

If you want a simple CRM that can connect to automations and power up with extensions, Jetpack CRM gives you just that.


Our Zapier integration is still a work in progress, so there may be bugs!

If you get a 404 response, this typically means one of the following:

  • No static homepage is set. Please make sure you have a static homepage enabled in WordPress.
  • A conflicting permalinks setting.
  • Unsaved permalinks on a new installation of WordPress site. Please resave the permalinks settings by navigating to WP-admin > Settings > Permalinks. Click on “Save Changes” (you do not need to make any actual changes to permalink settings)
  • The API is not enabled in Jetpack CRM > Core Modules.
  • Plugin/theme conflicts. Try disabling all other third-party plugins and themes temporarily to test.

Note: It’s not currently possible to pass on custom field data via Zapier.

Updated on August 29, 2023

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