How to enable the B2B Module

Jetpack CRM’s B2B module allows you to sell business-to-business by collecting commercial leads and selling to companies.

B2B mode is included in the free, core Jetpack CRM plugin, and is enabled by default from v4.0.8. If it’s not enabled on your site, you can follow these steps to enable it:

Enable B2B (Companies) in Jetpack CRM

  1. Log into your site’s WP Admin dashboard.
  2. From the main WordPress menu, go to Jetpack CRM > Core Modules. Alternatively, go to Tools > Core Modules from the top menu on any Jetpack CRM admin page.
  3. Locate the B2B Mode module, which will have red x if it’s disabled.
  4. Click on the B2B Mode module to activate it. The red x will change to a green checkmark once the module is activated.

You can find detailed instructions for activating core modules here.

Once activated, you will have the option to add Companies to Jetpack CRM, as well as Contacts.

Read our guide on creating Companies and assigning Contacts to them.

Updated on July 13, 2023

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