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How to assign a contact to a company

Once you have a contact in Jetpack CRM, it’s easy to assign that contact to a company. First of all you need to have B2B (Business to Business) mode turned on. You can do this from the Jetpack CRM Settings -> Settings page, (simply check “B2B Mode” on and save).

Then, when editing a contact you should see a metabox on the right hand side of the edit page, entitled ‘Company’ (as following image shows).

Assigning a contact to a company Contact Edit

To assign a contact to a specific company, simply start to type the company name into the box which says ‘Company name…’.

From there a drop down list will appear showing your company names:

… Clicking the title will select this company, then simply save the contact the usual way.

Note: Before v2.70 there was caching in place for this company list, which means it may take 5 minutes before this company list is updated (e.g. if you add a new company or change a company name you may need to wait a few minutes before this list represents that updated data. This caching was removed in v2.70+)

Updated on April 5, 2018

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