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Refunds and Free Trials

The core features of the CRM (like WordPress’ Core features) are free for everyone to use.

We do have premium extensions which you can purchase to extend the capabilities of the CRM, for example we have extensions which let you

  • Import your entire PayPal history (customers and transactions)
  • Make sure any new contact is added to your mailing list
  • Create and send email broadcasts to your contacts based on tags or other criteria
  • Plus much more

Our extensions, like Jetpack CRM itself, are WordPress plugins. Therefore unfortunately we cannot offer a free trial for you to “try before you buy” but we do offer a 14 day, money back guarantee.

Entrepreneur’s Bundle

Our Entrepreneur’s bundle is reasonably priced and gives you all the features for the equivalent of around $17 a month. When compared to online SaaS CRM’s, you’ll pay much more than this (certainly when you hit limits, such as have too many contacts or want more team members)

Use as many of our extensions are you like in the bundle.


You can read our full refund policy here.

Updated on January 22, 2021

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