Task Notifications not Sending

The Task Scheduler notification system will send emails as long as the following criteria are met:

  • CRM team member must be assigned to the task.
  • The Task must be Incomplete (i.e. not ticked as Completed).
  • Remind CRM member 24 hours before must be checked.
  • The Task must be set for at least 24 hours into the future.

Notification Emails

The following email is sent when a notification is due. This only sends once and notifies the CRM user about the Event. You can customize the email via HTML, system email templates and placeholders.

My Emails aren’t being received

If you’ve checked that everything in the above criteria has been set, but you’re not receiving them there’s a few things you can check:

  • Check that you are receiving emails from your website
  • Check that you’ve whitelisted your domain
  • Check that your website has enough traffic (this is related to wp-cron, see below).

Everything is OK but still not getting emails or they’re random

The email notification system runs on the WordPress Cron system (WP Cron). This is a cron which fires to a schedule as long as your website has had a page view.

If your site isn’t visited, then the cron will never trigger and your emails will never get sent.

To ensure that your notification emails are delivered regularly we advise you to create a cron job to ping the website every hour so you guarantee that there’s going to be a hit and your email notification script will run.

You can also use the WP Crontrol plugin to do this. Please note that we cannot provide support for cron jobs or WP Control.

My Notification emails are received but not exactly 24 hours before?

This is again related to the WordPress Cron. After CRM is installed and activated, it registers cron events to fire hourly to check whether notifications need to be sent.

This happens when you activate, so for example, if you activate the plugin at 13.28, the hourly event will run (as long as you’ve had a page view) at 14.28, 15.28, etc.

The notification email system also uses the wp_mail() function which may mean emails get slightly delayed (but they should be received broadly around 24 hours before your event).

Additional Troubleshooting

MailPoet has a great guide on how email works in WordPress. Generally, any plugin (like CRM or WooCommerce) which sends notifications does not send them directly – they go through WordPress, which does the actual sending.

The following plugins can be of assistance in troubleshooting email issues:

WP Email Logging

MailPoet (we have a free integration: MailPoet Sync)

Updated on February 10, 2023

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