View the Tasks Agenda

The Jetpack CRM Task Scheduler comes with a default view set to be the current month. You can use this to navigate through the events that are coming up.

There are additional views which allow you to view additional details. You get to these by clicking the relevant button across the top of the Scheduler. 

Task Scheduler View

This is the main view and the default view. You cannot change the default view but you can quickly switch between views using the buttons at the top right of the calendar.

Week Agenda View

This gives you a familiar calendar style view where you can check what’s happening in the current week. It’s a great resource for keeping on top of things, although it should not be considered a replacement for a fully-featured scheduling app.

Day Agenda View

This view is used if you have a lot of events coming up and need to be able to see the detail a bit better

List View

The final navigation option available is theĀ list view this shows everything coming up in the current month but in a handy compact list view.

Updated on December 21, 2022

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