The Jetpack CRM Task Scheduler

Jetpack CRM is a great tool for managing your customers. The Task Scheduler gives you the ability to follow up with customers, or set yourself reminders to do so.

Enter the Jetpack CRM Task Scheduler. This feature was added to the core plugin as of version 2.10.6+.

Jetpack CRM Task Manager

To access the task manager, to go Tools > Task Scheduler from the top menu on any Jetpack CRM admin page.

This will bring you to a Task Calendar, where you can see existing tasks and create new ones.

What are tasks?

A task could be an appointment, meeting, event, etc.

You can create a task for anything you want to see in your Task Calendar, as well as when viewing the Contact to which the task is assigned.

Adding a Task

When viewing the Task Calendar from Tools > Task Scheduler, click the “Add new task” button.

This will open a “New Task” screen, where you enter the information to create the task.

Task Name

Enter the name of your Task. It is what will show up on the Task Calendar.

Task Time

Select the start and end dates, and time(s) of the event. This setting determines where the Task appears on your Task Calendar.

You can also use the time to set yourself a “due date” for a task. Even if an actual meeting or event isn’t happening at that particular time, you may want to have it on your calendar as a reminder to get something done by that particular date/time.

Tip: If you want a full day task, set it the start time to 00:00 and the end time to 00:00 the following day.

Assign to a CRM Member

Below the date fields, you’ll see a dropdown box where you can assign the Task to yourself, or one of your CRM team members.

Click anywhere in the dropdown box, start typing in the the desired team member’s name, and select their name from the list.

Task Description

Enter a description of the task in this field. You may also want to include any relevant notes you’ll need to refer to when completing the task.

Remind CRM member 24 hours before

If this option is enabled, an email reminder will be sent to the assigned team member 24 hours before the task is scheduled to occur.

If you’re using the task as a “due date” for something, you can enable this to get a reminder beforehand.

Note: Reminders are only sent if the event has not been marked as “Completed”.

Show on Calendar

The Task will only appear on the Task Calendar if this option is enabled.

Assign to CRM Contact

If you want to flag that this event is related to a contact, you can assign the event to a contact. The contact will not be notified.

This is useful if you want to set reminders to follow up with a particular contact at a certain time.

Start typing in the name of the contact, and select the contact from the dropdown list.

After the assigned task has been created, it will appear in the “Tasks” tab when viewing that contact.

Assign to CRM Company

Similarly, you can also assign the task to a Company. Neither the Company, nor any contacts assigned to that Company, will be notified.

Start typing in the name of the company, and select the company from the dropdown list.

After the assigned task has been created, it will appear in the “Tasks” tab when viewing that company.

Updated on June 27, 2023

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