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Editing System Email Templates

This page guides you through basic modifications of the system email templates.

You may also want to read more about Templating via files, and placeholders.

Note: System emails

Note, this manager is only for system emails, it doesn’t allow you to interact with Mail Campaigns (the paid extension), that has its own template manager. This is for the Core CRM emails (System Emails), e.g. Invoice Notifications etc.

Modifying System Email Templates:

Here’s a quick guide to modifying your system emails, which at 2.80 include the following email templates:

  • Welcome to the Client Portal (to client)
  • Quote Notification (to client)
  • Invoice Notification (to client)
  • Quote Accepted Notification (to your back office)
  • Task/Schedule/Event Notifications (participants)

1) Go to Mail Template Manager:

First up, when on a Jetpack CRM page, click your user icon in the top right, (admin privileges required), and then click Settings as shown in the following image:

2) From the settings page select “Mail Templates”

Under Mail, click “Mail Templates” from the left hand menu on the settings page.

3) Select which email template to modify

The System Email homepage defaults to ‘Recent Activity’ which’ll show you a list of recent emails sent out by Jetpack CRM. To start editing a template, click ‘Email Templates’ from the right hand menu, or directly select which email template to modify:

4) Editing your mail template

Once you’re on a template editing page, you should see something like the following:

As you can see there are several options editable for each template:

  • Subject – This is the email subject for this particular email template (e.g. Your Client Portal)
  • Delivery Method – This relates to your Mail delivery settings, and lets you choose which email address you want this particular system email to be sent from (useful if e.g. Invoice notifications can come from ‘accounts@yourdomain.com’, where as simple message emails can come from ‘support@yourdomain.com’). For many users there’ll only be one setup here, and the default suffices.
  • BCC To – This field allows you to add another email address to blind carbon-copy into each email sent out with this template. Useful if you have an ‘overseeing admin’.
  • Content – This is what most people will seek to edit. This textbox represents a template for email content, (see 3.1 below).
  • Active/Inactive – A few system emails can be turned off/on, and this switch (top right of the email template edit segment) allows you to disable or enable a particular system email (e.g. Welcome to the Client Portal).

4.1) Editing Email Template Content

You can enter any amount of HTML you wish to into this email template Content box, but we recommend copying the original content into a text editor before you make changes, as there are unique placeholders (e.g. ###PORTALLINK###) in each email template.

This content editing is fairly intuitive, and anyone familiar with HTML will have no issue writing business-appropriate content for each of these emails.

4.2) Preview Email Template, or Send a test email

After you’re happy with your template html, you can click ‘Preview’ or ‘Send Test’. These two buttons, beneath the content box, allow you to see what your email will look like to the end user.

Note: Send Test sends to the default admin email.

5) Saving Mail Templates

After you’re done changing the above settings, modifying the content template etc. you can save your mail template simply by clicking ‘Save’. But be aware, as soon as you’ve clicked save, all of the email of this type coming out of your CRM will be sent with this template – so best to get the content right before saving!

All set? Have you set up mail delivery?

That’s it for this guide on Mail Templating (for system emails) in Jetpack CRM. If you’re interested in adding more than one email for outbound emails, check out the Mail Delivery manager, or if you want to read why we have this setup read the System Emails explanation.

Got a fancy template that you’re really happy with? Why not send us a copy via a support ticket, we’re always interested to see how you’re using Jetpack CRM.


Please see our documentation on Canned Replies and Email Templates.

Updated on December 8, 2022

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