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Mail Delivery Method Setup (using wp_mail, OAuth API, or SMTP)

Email is fantastic for business, when it works. Those of you familiar with email list providers like MailChimp, ActiveCampaign, or Aweber, will know that sending emails out to your list can easily end up costing $$$.$$+ per month. Some of that cost is inflated software prices, but a chunk of that goes into making sure your email gets delivered.

WordPress is incredibly useful to us all, for many reasons. And for small-scale emailing it’s fairly functional, if not simplistic. But very easily mail from your WordPress install can get blocked by most email providers. For example if you’re on shared hosting and another person on your server sends out some spam, your WordPress will be as banned as that other user, even though it wasn’t you sending out the bad email.

The problem, then, is that emailing out of WordPress is relying on the ‘credentials’ of your current web server. Many, many web servers are banned – often people are getting their WordPress admin emails (important) directly into their spam boxes!

The solution… is Mail Delivery Methods.

Mail Delivery Manager in Jetpack CRM

In order to fully manage your outbound emails we needed to add smart Mail Templating and Mail Delivery options. Mail Delivery options let you add one (or more) email accounts to send out system emails from.

This is professional, enterprise grade email technology, and currently accepts three types of email methods:

  • Default WordPress mail out method (wp_mail) – note: while you can change the name & from email address in this method’s settings, typically it will need to be an email address on the same domain in order for the email to be delivered.
  • OAuth API-based connections – if you have Gmail or Google Workspace, this is the method to use.
  • SMTP (Outgoing Email) server – this is the outbound (sending) part of your usual mailbox account. For example, you could use Outlook, Zoho, etc. (though we recommend you use your own hosting webmail, or something like Amazon SES…more information below).

Setting up Mail Delivery Options

Here’s how  you get to Mail Delivery options and start the helpful Mail Delivery setup Wizard:

1) Load Jetpack CRM Settings:

First up, go to Jetpack CRM > CRM Settings.

2) Load Mail Delivery Wizard

Once on the settings page, click ‘Mail Delivery’ towards the bottom of the options, under the heading ‘Mail’.

3) Follow the Mail Delivery Wizard

Once on our mail delivery wizard, you can simply follow along with the guided steps. These help you set up a mail delivery method by asking you questions like ‘what email should we send from’.

For more detailed guides for each type of server setup, please keep reading below.

Setting up a (default) wp_mail outbound email

Click here for the guide to setting up a wp_mail delivery method

Setting up OAuth API-based outbound emails with Jetpack CRM

Click here for the guide to setting up an OAuth API-based delivery method

Setting up SMTP outbound emails with Jetpack CRM

Click here for the guide to setting up a SMTP delivery method

Or… read more about the Jetpack CRM email system

Updated on August 16, 2022

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