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Email Sending: Limits & Costs

Since 2.9+ we’ve had solid Mail Delivery methods built into Jetpack CRM. These let you use an external email provider to send out all email from the CRM, (from invoice notifications to clients, to email newsletters with the Mail Campaigns extension).

Mail delivery methods mean that your CRM is truly scalable to a high-level, including on the email deliverability front. There are, however, limitations to all systems, and so here we’ll take a quick look at the bottlenecks/limitations imposed upon your CRM:

Sending Limits: Jetpack CRM

Jetpack CRM itself does not have any strict email limiting. Ultimately the CRM is the ‘middleman’ who ‘asks’ the server (or mail provider) to send the message on your behalf. Technically, the only limits built in to Jetpack CRM regarding mail sending are those in Mail Campaigns.

Mail Campaigns does its best to focus on deliverability at a range of scales. Part of the way it does this is to throttle how many emails get sent out per minute. The intention here is to reduce the likelihood that your server/end recipients mail providers think that the email is spam, and trash it. As Mail Campaigns develops, this restriction will likely be overcome more intelligently, but for now it’s easy enough to set whatever throttle you’d like to apply from Mail Campaigns settings.

The only other limitation worth noting here is the quality of your server. If you are sending a lot of emails out, you’ll want to make sure that your server has a decent processing/memory capacity so as to avoid generally slugish mail sending.

Sending Limits: Mail Provider

While Jetpack CRM itself doesn’t stop you sending out any amount of email, the mail provider (e.g. your webhost webmail, gmail, Amazon SES, Mailgun) usually does have a limit (though not always publicly stated).

Here we recommend using a quality provider such as Amazon SES (our guide). With quality providers the limitations are clearly stated on your account. As you can see in this screenshot, we have a quota of 50k emails per 24hours, at a rate of 14 emails/second:

Cost of Email Sending

There are a plethora of email providers out there, from full service mailing list managers, to gmail. In our experience, you get what you pay for, to an extent. There are certainly expensive ways to achieve large scale emailing, that could be done more cheaply, with a bit of setup. Trying to send lots of emails out of free providers (like gmail), though, is usually a lot more hassle than it’s worth in savings.

Here’s how pricing works in emails out of Jetpack CRM:

  1. We don’t charge per email or anything of the sort – we’re the software, and beyond a Mail Campaigns license (if you want to run mail campaigns), there is nothing to pay to us for emails you send.
  2. You choose which email provider you use to send emails from. We’ve used Amazon SES, MailGun, Sendgrid and others in the past. We currently use SES, but there are many good services to choose from.
  3. Those services usually charge a fee per email, but compared to newsletter providers, the fee is tiny. For example as I write this the cost for our Amazon SES emails comes in at: $0.10 per thousand emails sent.

Updated on July 9, 2020

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