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Using GMail with Jetpack CRM Mail Delivery System

Due to recent changes on Google’s end, the steps below may no longer work. While we work on a solution, you might consider using a third-party SMTP plugin to configure your WordPress install to send using Gmail.

Gmail has a very sensitive SMTP Policy. What this means to you, is that if you’d like to use Gmail for your main Jetpack CRM Mail delivery, you’ll need to go through some extra security steps, (also, if you’re sending out a lot of mail via Jetpack CRM, it’s  probably best to avoid Gmail all together, as they have very fussy spam filters).

Here are the steps it takes to make Gmail work for SMTP in Jetpack CRM (Last checked & updated 2nd August 2018):

  1. Use the steps here to add Gmail as your SMTP Server, and hit continue (to send a test email)
    … this may fail, because Google locks accounts by default in this scenario, or it may succeed. If it succeeds skip to step 4.
  2. You’ll then need to do (potentially all) of the following:
    1. Click Here to load Google Settings, and “Turn On” “Access for less secure apps”.
    2. Click Here to sign back into Gmail (you may have to sign out and back in).
    3. Click Here to check if your account is specifically blocked still, (you may have to enter a captcha).
  3. After completing these, you can then try the SMTP settings again, at which point they should work fine. If not, you may have to repeat the last 3 steps again, and then retest.
  4. Validating the email – Once you get a screen like the following: Then you can proceed to check your Gmail inbox (or spam box) for the test email. Please make sure you’ve checked “All Mail” and “Spam” (Here’s the link for your gmail spam box: Your GMail Spambox)
    1. If the email is in your spam box it is important that you mark the email “not spam” – this’ll tell gmail your mail sending is OKAY:

This should now mean that your Gmail setup will be sending emails out of Jetpack CRM.

Saving in Sent Folder

Note: Please see this article to understand how saving to sent folder works with Gmail.

If you hit any other issues with this please do let us know via support ticket.


Setting up GMail OAuth Connection and Mail Delivery Method

From v5.1 Jetpack CRM includes support for sending emails out of GMail via OAuth2.0 and the GMail API. This provides a reliable way to send CRM emails out of your WordPress install.

To get started you’ll need to follow the steps below. Some setup is required due to the way Google provides its API support, but once setup we’ve seen great deliverability for low-volume email sending.

Steps to setting up Gmail with Jetpack CRM (from v5.1+)

  1. Setup your OAuth Connection in Jetpack CRM
  2. Create your Google API Credentials
  3. Setup your Mail Delivery Method

Each of these steps has a full walkthrough below:

1. Setup your OAuth Connection (in Jetpack CRM settings)

1.1 Log into your WordPress admin and visit your Jetpack CRM settings page titled ‘OAuth Connections’ (/wp-admin/admin.php?page=zerobscrm-plugin-settings&tab=oauth). Click “Connection Settings” next to Google Mail.

Copy your “Redirect URL” from the Connection settings page, you’ll need this in the following steps when creating your Client credentials in the Google API Console:

2. Create your Google API Credentials (on Google Developer Console)

Before we start connecting your Gmail to your Jetpack CRM you need to make an app for your website in Google API. You can do this at the Google developer console.

2.1. Visit the Google Developer Console (you’ll need a logged in Google account), and make a new ‘project’.

You can use any name for the project, for example here we call it ‘CRM Connector’:

2.2. Next click “Enabled API and Services” and then “Enable API and Services” and enable “Gmail API”.

2.3. Click “Credentials” and then “Create credentials”, selecting “OAuth 2.0 Client ID”:

2.4. Fill in the information: (Name, +Add URI (use the URL from 1.1 above), and click CREATE.

2.5. On the next page you’ll see your API Credentials:

2.6. Copy these two credentials (Client ID and Client Secret) into your GMail Oauth Connection settings page in Jetpack CRM (from step 1.1 above) – /wp-admin/admin.php?page=zerobscrm-plugin-settings&tab=oauth&edit-provider=google_mail and click “Save Settings”:

2.7. Click on “Return to OAuth Connections”, or otherwise re-visit the OAuth Connections Jetpack CRM Settings page. You should now be able to click ‘Connect’ which will initiate a connection between your Jetpack CRM instance and the gmail of the user you connect with:

2.8. Next Google will show you a series of prompts which you’ll need to navigate as follows:

Click on the email account you want to use…
Click “Continue” on the left.
Check “Send email on your behalf” and then Continue

Once you’ve gone through those steps you’ll see a successful completion notice:

3. Setup your Mail Delivery Method (in Jetpack CRM settings)

After completing the above steps 1. and 2. You’ll be able to simply add the mail delivery method via the Mail Delivery wizard:

3.1. Go to Jetpack CRM settings -> Mail Delivery (/wp-admin/admin.php?page=zerobscrm-plugin-settings&tab=maildelivery) and click “Get Started”, (or “Add Another” if you already have a delivery method set up).

3.2. Go through the Mail Delivery wizard as usual, but on the second page select “API (OAuth)” and then choose your newly added GMail account from the above steps.

3.3. Complete the Mail Delivery wizard and you’ll be able to use your Gmail with Jetpack CRM as a Mail Delivery method!

Updated on June 22, 2022

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