Contact Tags

Adding a new tag

Click Contacts > Tags at the Jetpack CRM menu at the top, and add a new tag under Add Contact Tags section on the right sidebar. Add as many tags as you need there:

..or add them ‘on the fly’ as you add a new contact:

Viewing contacts by tags

You can easily manage your tags by clicking Contacts > Tags. To view the list of contacts with the assigned tags, click on the tag name or click the count number:

Deleting tags

To delete the tag, click the Delete button for the specific tag:

Note that this will delete the tag and remove it from any tagged Contact. This action is irreversible.

Adding a tag to an existing contact

Adding a tag to a contact

On the right sidebar of the contact’s Edit page, you can see the Contact Tags section. You can assign a tag by selecting from the existing tags or by adding a new tag.

Adding a tag to multiple contacts

You can assign a tag to multiple contacts at the same time by going to the Contacts page, checking the boxes for the contacts you want to have the tag, then clicking the Bulk actions dropdown and selecting “Add tags“. Then, click the Go button.

You will then be able to select one or more tags from your existing tags:

If you don’t have a tag created yet, please create a tag first by following the instructions above, under Adding a new tag section.

Automatically tag contacts

Please check this guide on how to automatically tag contacts.


1. How can I edit or rename a tag?

It’s currently not possible to rename a tag. We have an existing feature request for this. As a workaround, you could filter by tags, then add the new tag to the filtered contact results (you can use the bulk option for adding tag/s to multiple contacts). After that, you could remove the old tags from the filtered results.

Updated on February 22, 2023

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