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Can WooSync import products for use in invoices?

No. WooSync imports your WooCommerce orders and customers. It does not currently import your WooCommerce product list for use in invoices.

If you’re using WooCommerce, we highly recommend creating orders there instead of invoices directly in the CRM. Once you’ve done that, the invoice will automatically be created in the CRM as long as the “Create Invoices from WooCommerce Orders” setting is ticked in Jetpack CRM > CRM Settings > WooSync.

How long does it take for WooSync to resync new orders/transactions?

If your WooSync Hub page says “Up to date,” the initial sync has been completed. After the initial sync, WooSync will check for new data every five minutes via WordPress’s built-in cron system. The sync will continue in the background if you navigate away from the WooSync Hub page.

Please note that many factors are involved here, as every site and connection is different, which could impact the overall time it takes to resync new orders and transactions.

Can we sync WooCommerce Custom Fields?

As of Jetpack CRM v.5.0.0–yes, WooCommerce custom fields can be synced with Jetpack CRM WooSync. The extensions supported are WooCommerce Checkout Field Editor fields, WooCommerce Checkout Add-Ons, and Checkout Field Editor (Checkout Manager) for WooCommerce.

I already have the legacy WooCommerce Connect extension installed on my site. Do I need to enable the WooSync core module again after updating Jetpack CRM v.5+?

When you upgrade to Jetpack CRM v.5, we’ll detect if the legacy WooCommerce Connect extension is active. If so, we’ll enable the new WooSync module and deactivate the WooConnect extension (which you can then delete). The old settings will remain in place, and you don’t need to do anything else.

Is WooSync a one-way sync?

Yes, WooSync does a one-way sync from WooCommerce to Jetpack CRM, but not the other way around. Changes in the Jetpack CRM can’t be synced to your WooCommerce store.

Can I sync more than one WooCommerce store?

Yes, you can, from v5.2 of the Jetpack CRM plugin. You can connect and sync as many WooCommerce stores as you’d like. Read here how to connect multiple WooCommerce stores to Jetpack CRM.

Do I need secret data and API keys to connect CRM and my WooCommerce store(s)?

Nope, you can do that with a few clicks. From v5.2 of Jetpack CRM, you no longer need to enter any API details manually. Click here to read how to connect your WooCommerce store to Jetpack CRM.

Is WooSync compatible with other Checkout Field Editors and add-ons?

As much as possible, we’re constantly working on improving the CRM and WooSync/WooCommerce add-ons compatibility. As far as the checkout features are concerned, we have full compatibility with the following add-ons:

Can I sync a guest checkout?

In short: no. Since Jetpack CRM contacts are created when an email is available, you’ll have to ensure your customer are ordering with a registered account. Effectively, this means that you will have to disable guest checkout. Or, you’ll have to find a way to require email addresses on order (e.g., billing email on WooCommerce).

To explain, when there’s a contact without an email submitting a WooCommerce order, Jetpack CRM creates a contact with this order of preference:

  • If it’s a WooCommerce customer (e.g. has a WooCommerce user), it creates a contact using that WordPress user’s email.
  • If it’s NOT a WooCommerce customer (e.g. a guest), it creates a contact using the billing email.
  • If either of these conditions is not met, no contact is created.

This is by design; otherwise, each sync would create a new (duplicate) contact.

Can I sync partial payments (like deposits) in CRM?

The WooCommerce core’s payment feature doesn’t support partial payments; therefore, they can’t be synced in CRM because CRM does not handle any payment workflow WooCommerce does not natively support.

If your store handles partial payments, you might use third-party extensions to manage and customise these payments, which won’t be fully synced in CRM.

Does WooSync sync WordPress users who have not made any orders in WooCommerce?

WooSync only imports orders from WooCommerce. If the customer is not yet created in Jetpack CRM contacts, a new contact will be created for the customer. If there are no orders created by the customer, they will not be imported to Jetpack CRM contacts using WooSync.

If you would like to import WordPress users automatically, without WooCommerce orders, WordPress Utilities supports this feature. Any orders created by existing Jetpack CRM contacts will be linked automatically. No duplicate contacts will be created.

Updated on May 23, 2023

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