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Jetpack CRM and WooCommerce Checkout Field Editor

As of Jetpack CRM v.5.0.0, custom fields created in the WooCommerce Checkout Field Editor plugin can be synced with Jetpack CRM WooSync. To ensure it will sync properly, follow the guide below on setting up the custom fields.

Custom Fields in Jetpack CRM

Go to Jetpack CRM > CRM Settings > Custom Fields, and add your custom field. For example, Billing Test. Then, under each custom field title, you will see a slug in teal, billing-test in this example:

Custom Fields in WooCommerce Checkout Field Editor

Then, add the same text/slug from the CRM Custom field to a custom field in the Checkout Field Editor plugin:

For more information on setting up and configuring custom fields in WooCommerce Checkout Field Editor fields extension, please check their guide here.

Note: You may also use a text with an underscore (billing_test) in WooCommerce Checkout Field and it should still sync fine. Jetpack CRM custom fields follow the WP slug convention, thus the CRM custom fields use hyphen in slugs.

Updated on December 14, 2022

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