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How to Import your Customers and Orders

Once you’ve entered your settings correctly you then go to WooCommerce Connect under Tools

Once you’ve done this. Hit import and sit back and wait as your customer and order data is imported into your CRM.

Important: You’ll need to stay on the same page until the Import and completed. Once you’ve imported your historic data the WooCommerce Connect extension will keep itself up to date with any new orders made via your WooCommerce Store.

Keeping up to date

The WooCommerce Connect plugin uses wp_cron to keep checking your WooCommerce API every hour. It finds new transactions and adds them to your site automatically after the initial import.

You do not need to re-run the importer to get your latest data through, just keep checking back to your CRM and it’ll keep itself up to date.

Updated on June 4, 2020

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