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What hosting requirements are there to run Jetpack CRM?

We get lots of questions similar to this – e.g. what is the best hosting option for Jetpack CRM? What RAM/Processor/Virtual Server do I need to run Jetpack CRM? Which AWS machine size is best for Jetpack CRM? Ultimately, this is a broad question.

TL;DR; It’ll work almost everywhere, just like WordPress. We’ve made it performant, so the only limitation is how fast your server is!

Recommended PHP Version 7.2+

Are you looking for info on which PHP version to choose with Jetpack CRM? Click here for PHP Version info

Basically… Jetpack CRM will run everywhere WordPress will run, which will run everywhere that has PHP/MySQL (which is 95% of all web hosting services). This includes the common hosts:

  • AWS EC2 (most box sizes)
  • GoDaddy
  • 1and1
  • Bluehost
  • Hostgator (not a preference)

But in the end, it all depends…

It depends on how many contacts you’re managing

If you’re using everyday hosting (e.g. 1and1 shared hosting), you’ll be running Jetpack CRM fine if you’ve got under 20k contacts, after that, (depending on the quality of the hosting), you may see a slowdown in performance.

If you’re deep in with Jetpack CRM and are managing more than 20k contacts, we recommend you fire up a dedicated/virtual server somewhere, which is probably something you know how to do if you’re in this category. AWS EC2 instances run this well, but so does pretty much every decent server offering on the web.

Read our guide on setting up your first WordPress install / choosing a host for Jetpack CRM

Updated on August 26, 2020

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