General CRM Settings

To configure your CRM, you can go to Jetpack CRM > CRM Settings:

Below we highlight some of the settings you’ll find in the General section of CRM Settings.

Full puts all the different Jetpack CRM menu items in the WP Admin menu on the left. For example, Contacts, Quotes and Invoices would all be added as separate, full menu items.

Slimline nests all the different Jetpack CRM menu items within Jetpack CRM in the WP Admin menu on the left.

CRM Only hides all the normal WP Admin menu items, and shows only Jetpack CRM menu items. Read more about getting the normal WordPress menu items back.

The next few settings refer to contact names and addresses. For example, if all your contacts are in the same country, you might want to disable Use “Countries” in Address Fields.

Contact Assignment and Assign Ownership allows contacts to be assigned to specific team members. Task Scheduler Ownership ensures users only see tasks that are assigned to them. These options are helpful if you’re working with a team.

The next few settings should be pretty self-explanatory from their descriptions.

Contact Image Mode applies to contacts and companies. Gravatars will show the contact’s Gravatar, if they have one. Custom Images allows you to upload an image when editing a contact, and displays that custom image. None shows only the contact name without an image.

WordPress Override Mode

The WordPress override puts your own logo on the WordPress login page and hides the WordPress header and WordPress dashboard for Users with Jetpack CRM roles.

You can also choose to disable the front end. This will take anyone who visits your domain directly to the login page.

File Attachment Settings

You can control which file types are allowed to be added to your CRM. As the administrator, you’re in control. A customer manager role would not see these settings and would only be able to upload the file types you permit.

Updated on August 16, 2022

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