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Server Time Limits (Timeout, max_execution_time)

When you host your own CRM there can be a few niggles on some web hosts/server setups. These are usually a one-time-fix and can often teach you something about your hosting environment, so they’re worth spending a little time getting over.

Server Time Limits roughly cover a few different server settings, but with Jetpack CRM and WordPress we’re mostly concerned with max_execution_time.

max_execution_time can affect:

  • Mail Campaigns sending a number of emails (throttled to send them slowly)
  • Large CSV File imports via CSV Importer
  • Database Migrations of large Contact Databases (for those on a version of the CRM older than v2.85)

Whether you’re trying to run large email campaigns, or import giant CSV files, a small value for the ‘max_execution_time’ setting may stop Jetpack CRM finishing a job it’s trying to complete for you. (Good news: we’ve done our absolute best to write Jetpack CRM to allow for all environments, and often this isn’t an issue – Jetpack CRM will pick up where it left off when it can).

Full Guide on max_execution_time

Check the following guide for more information on max_execution_time & how to change the setting:

Read the: max_execution_time Guide

Updated on August 16, 2022

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