Mail Campaigns & Opt-in Audiences

While Mail Campaigns, and Jetpack CRM more generally, does it’s best to protect you (and your contacts) from spam-like activity, the ultimate responsibility lies with you, the sender.

We provide the software which allows you to send out emails, and we do our best to deliver widely-reliable mail sending, with the flexibility to work within the local email law (e.g. CAN-SPAM).

However, regardless of local law, we urge all Mail Campaigns users to ensure that any list of contacts they are sending too are properly opted-in to receive that communication. Further, that you have up-to-date email addresses for them.

Sending to sketchy email lists notoriously gets your server, or email service, banned or marked as disreputable. At minimum you will receive many “bounce backs” (undeliverable, delayed etc.) This will affect your ability to get reliably delivered email.

Most importantly, your contact list is your business, and we do not intend to make software to support spam or spam-like activities.

Let’s keep making our businesses better!

In addition, since the 2021 debut of Apple’s Mail Privacy Protection, it’s more important than ever to keep your email lists clean. This guide for email hygiene provides actionable solutions.

You can read more about email tracking and MPP.

Updated on January 12, 2023

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