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How to Use Click 2 Call

Click 2 Call is a feature in JetpackCRM which allows you to click a link to start a phone or Skype call with a Contact.

Activate Click 2 Call

In Jetpack CRM -> CRM Settings, click on General. Then check the box next to Show Click 2 Call links.

Next, select the type of call, telephone or Skype:

The Contact’s phone number will now appear clickable:

In order to use the Skype Call option, you’ll need to have Skype installed.


To use Click 2 Call with SMS (text messaging), you’ll need the Twilio Connect extension, which allows you to integrate your Twilio account with Jetpack CRM.

Twilio is a paid service which enables you to send text messages. Once setup to send to external numbers, you’ll need to have credit in your account there in order to send messages.

For Mac and Iphone Users

While it is outside of our scope of support to provide assistance for this, you may run into the following error:

This has to do with how Apple configures networking between 2 or more devices on the same network. There’s a good article here on how to fix this.

Updated on January 30, 2023

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