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Reset Client Portal passwords for contacts

Client Portal passwords are handled by the core Jetpack CRM plugin rather than the Client Password Manager extension. Check this page instead to see how to reset passwords for the Client Password Manager extension.

Your contact can request a password reset themselves when trying to log into their Client Portal by following these steps:

  1. Visit the Client Portal page.
  2. Click the “Lost Password” link.
  3. Enter their username or email address in the field provided, and click the “Reset Password” button to send them a password reset email.
  4. Click the “Click here to reset your password” link in the email.
  5. Enter their new password in the “New password” and “Re-enter new password” fields, and click the “Save” button.
  6. Log into the Client Portal with their new password.

As a site admin, you also have the option of resetting the contact’s Client Portal password by following these steps:

  1. Log into the site’s WP Admin dashboard.
  2. From the main WordPress menu, go to Jetpack CRM > Contacts. Alternatively, go to Contacts > View All from the top menu on any Jetpack CRM admin page.
  3. Locate the contact, and click on it to view it.
  4. Click the “Edit Contact” button to edit the contact.
  5. Locate the “Client Portal” box while editing the contact, usually at the bottom right of the page.
  6. Click the “Reset Password” button, which will email a new password to the contact.
Updated on July 20, 2023

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