Troubleshooting Client Portal

Some of the issues encountered in Client Portal:

Getting “Page Not Found” error on a Client Portal tab

Make sure a Client Portal page is set up from Jetpack CRM > Settings > Client Portal:

Check your URL, for example, you noticed this on the URL when opening your Quotes page: /clientsquotes/1, where it should be /clients/quotes/1 instead. There’s a missing / between clients and quotes.

Make sure to check your Permalinks settings and we recommend setting it to Post Name.

Two Client Portal pages

In case you noticed you have 2 Client Portal pages, feel free to delete one Client Portal page from your Pages in wp-admin.

When logging into Client Portal, I’m getting “Your username or password was incorrect.”

Each Jetpack CRM Contact must have an associated WordPress user account in order to use the Client Portal.

When logging into Client Portal, I’m getting redirected to Jetpack SSO sign-in page with account

If you have Jetpack’s Secure Sign On (SSO) enabled, it will force login.

Currently, Jetpack SSO is not supported by Jetpack CRM’s Client Portal. Please disable Jetpack SSO to allow direct login, as your contacts have site-specific accounts instead of accounts.

Getting a 403 error when trying to edit/view an uploaded file by a customer in their Client Portal

1. Make sure that you have access to the files stored in: wp-content/jpcrm-storage and update the folder permission accordingly. This guide might be helpful:

2. Please check your site’s .htaccess file to see if there are any restrictive rules in place that are forbidding you from loading those files. This guide might be helpful to properly set up your .htaccess file:

You can reach out to your hosting provider for further support in setting the right file/folder pemission and configuring your .htaccess file properly.

Updated on January 24, 2023

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