Twilio Connect Setup

The Twilio Connect extension lets you send SMS to your contacts. For this you need a Twilio Account which you can sign up for here.

Twilio SMS

Twilio is a service which costs money to send SMS. Once setup to send to external mobile numbers you’ll need to have credit in your account

Twilio Jetpack CRM Settings

Once installed, you will need to go to the Jetpack CRM settings and then the Twilio tab.

Twilio Console

You obtain your account ID, token and your twilio number from your Twilio console. To SMS numbers outside of your verified numbers you’ll need to use a paid account – you can test using the sandbox to numbers you’ve verified.

Once you’ve entered your settings in to the Jetpack CRM settings you’ll be able to start sending SMS’s to your contacts.

Sending an SMS

You can send an SMS to your contacts via their edit profile page (as long as you’ve stored a number in the mobile number area of the CRM).

When you click the SMS button a modal dialogue appears and you can write your SMS to your contact.

Automating SMS

Our Automations extension allows you to automate SMS based on certain criteria. For example we have SMS campaigns setup to notify us when we have received a new order (so we can go about our post order processing routines)

SMS Campaigns

You cannot send SMS campaigns with the Twilio extension, SMS campaigns can be expensive (since Twilio charges per SMS) and you’ll also need to make sure the mobiles you are sending SMS to are valid.

If you would like to send SMS campaigns to your contacts, you can request a feature here.

Phoning Contacts with Twilio

We do not have an integration with Twilio phone calls – but we do have the option to use tel: or clickto call links which will open your computers phone calling facility. This is in the CRM core.

Updated on June 4, 2020

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