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Upgrading Database (v3.0 Migration)

This update was included in v3.0+ of the Jetpack CRM Core, and with it comes improvements in page-load times, object read, update, and view operations, and more generally a whole bucket more awesome.

This guide will walk you through the steps of the essential database migration that comes with v3.0+ of Jetpack CRM.

Important Notes:

  • Before you get started, it is essential you backup your database. You can use Jetpack VaultPress Backup for that.
  • You’ll need to be a WordPress Administrator to complete this upgrade.
  • This process change some of your object IDs. The system remembers old IDs and can expose these if you need them.
  • You don’t need any special skills to run this upgrade, it’s all run via a web-based wizard.

Running the Upgrade

If you started using Jetpack CRM before version 3.0, you’ll be presented with a “CRM Database Update Needed” message after updating to a newer version of the plugin.

As mentioned above, we highly recommend making sure you have a backup that includes your database before starting this process. You can use Jetpack VaultPress Backup for that.

Click the “Go to Migration” button that appears with the upgrade needed message, which will take you to the upgrade wizard.

Note: This process is slightly different for multisite networks. If you have a multisite network, please read this before migrating.

Upgrade Wizard 1: Ready for v3.0?

This first page gives you a rundown of the migration you’re about to run. Click the “Get Started” button to move on to the next step.

Upgrade Wizard 2: Upgrading to v3.0

This page asks you to confirm that:

  • You have made a backup, which includes the database. Again, we recommend Jetpack VaultPress Backup for that.
  • You are aware the database upgrade will temporarily disable your Jetpack CRM extensions.
  • You have enough time to complete the upgrade. The more contacts you have in your database, the longer the upgrade will take. For example, a database with 2K contacts may only take a few minutes, but a database with 100K contacts might take 30+ minutes.

We also recommend making sure you’ll be able to leave the page open until the upgrade has completed.

It’s easy to skim through this and say you’ve done those things without reading through them. To ensure your site, including Jetpack CRM, continues to work correctly, it’s imperative that you take the time to complete those steps before confirming.

Once you’ve completed those steps, click the box next to each one to confirm you’ve done them and click the “Start Upgrade” button.

Upgrade Wizard 3: v3.0 Database Upgrade: Processing

As soon as you click the “Get Started” button, the wizard will start the database upgrade, processing 20 objects at a time. You’ll see a progress screen showing you real-time object processing updates, along with the overall progress of the entire upgrade.

The upgrade backs up your data as it goes, as well as migrates all old database objects to new and improved v3.0 objects.

You do have the option of clicking the “Pause” button while the upgrade is running, but we highly recommend letting it complete in one setting, especially if you’re using API or Sync extensions.

Upgrade Wizard 4: v3.0 Database Upgrade Complete

You will see a message confirming the database migration is complete, along with a migration completion report.

This means you’re all set! Your Jetpack CRM has successfully upgraded your database. Now your CRM will be faster, your edits will be cleaner, and lots more awesomeness is on the way.

Do you see “Non-critical Errors?” – Skip below to the Error Code section to learn more about these.

Update Jetpack CRM Extensions

V3.0 is a huge evolution for Jetpack CRM, and as a result we can only use the latest extension versions along with it. Much of the database structure has been solidified & refined, making for a very solid & fast foundation, which means a lot of the extensions needed to be refitted.

To make sure your CRM continues running smoothly, please update all Jetpack CRM extensions so that they work correctly with v3.0.

The v3.0 migration smartly deactivates any extensions it finds that are not compatible with v3.0. You’ll need to update those extensions before reactivating them.

v3.0 Compatible Extensions

  • Advanced Segments – v1.3+
  • API Connector – v1.6+
  • Automations – v1.4.1+
  • AWeber Connect – v1.2+
  • Awesome Support Connector – v2.5+
  • Bulk Tagger – v2.3+
  • Client Password Manager – v1.4.1+
  • Client Portal Pro – v1.7+
  • Contact Form 7 – v2.5+
  • ConvertKit Connector – v2.5+
  • CSV Importer PRO – v2.0+
  • Envato Order Importer – v2.4.2+
  • Exit Bee Connect – v1.1+
  • Funnels – v1.2+
  • Google Contact Sync – v2.6+
  • Gravity Forms – v2.6+
  • Groove Sync – v2.6+
  • Invoicing Pro – v2.6+
  • Live Storm Connect – v1.1+
  • Mail Campaigns – v2.0.3+
  • MailChimp Connector – v2.6+
  • Member Mouse – v1.5+
  • Optin Monster – v1.1+
  • PayPal Sync – v2.6.1+
  • Registration Magic – v1.1+
  • Sales Dashboard – v2.6+
  • Stripe Sync – v2.6.2+
  • System Email Pro – v1.1+
  • Twilio Connect – v1.5+
  • WordPress Utilities – v1.2+
  • WorldPay Sync – v2.4+

Migrating on a Multisite Network

Multisite site owners can migrate their Jetpack CRM databases the same way as every other site owner, with the one key note:

Due to the nature of a v3.0 upgrade, some extensions will not work after one user migrates their core Jetpack CRM database. This means if you have many users with sites using Jetpack CRM extensions, the migration wizard will deactivate any out-of-date network-activated extensions.

To ensure clean migrations for all users on a multisite, we recommend updating all extensions on the multisite before updating the core plugin, so as users are not able to deactivate extensions network-wide by way of running the migration wizard.

Migration Error Codes

The v3.0 migration engine has been checked and cross-checked to provide as much compatibility as possible. However, you may still come across some conflicts or error codes. This section gives you more information on the specific error codes given upon Migration completion (with non-critical errors).

The migration report is displayed in the upgrade wizard, as well as being emailed to you. You can also see a copy of the migration report, which stores these errors, by going to Jetpack CRM > System Assistant > System Status and clicking “V3 Migration Logs” at the bottom of the page.

301: This error occurs when you have objects (Companies, Quotes, Invoices, or Transactions) that have duplicate references. Ultimately, this reflects a non-unique field where the v3.0 database model requires a unique field. (e.g. 2 different Invoices have identical references). In this instance, only the first Invoice will be added, and the error here will give a JSON encoded copy of the Invoice that was not added.

701: This error occurs when two records had to be unavoidably merged. In the v3.0 migration, the only case where this can happen is if you have two different company objects with the same email address against them.

702: This error suggests you have a discrepancy between your invoice total values from <v3.0 and the v3.0 invoice it has been translated into. This may happen for those of you who had invoices including discounts or multiple taxes. It implies that the invoice has been fully recalculated and produced a different total.

710: This error will be shown if you have out-of-date CRM extensions installed. V3.0 requires the latest versions of all extensions.

Updated on June 23, 2023

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