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Ownership Placeholders

This is an additional guide on ownership placeholders; please check the support page for placeholders throughout Jetpack CRM to get started with that.

Ownership placeholders allow you to use ‘owner’ details in templates. That is, if a new contact ‘Deborah’ is added and assigned to user ‘Bob’, when you use the placeholder ##ASSIGNED-TO-NAME## in your “Welcome to the Client Portal” emails, that placeholder will be replaced with ‘Bob’.

Note that this requires Contact Ownership to be enabled.

It’s important to note that we’ve not added ownership placeholder support to every use of templating placeholders in the CRM. There are some situations where emails or documents are generated where no object is associated; in these cases, the placeholders will not work.

However, in the places where ownership makes sense (e.g. “Welcome to the Client Portal” email template), you can now use the following placeholders:


All of these will be replaced with values of the ‘Owner’ WordPress user associated with the object.

Read more about CRM Placeholders here.

Updated on August 4, 2023

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