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How do I restrict leads to CRM Team members

You may be setting up your CRM so that your ‘Customer Managers’ have access to manage their Leads through to Customers.

How do I restrict contacts/customers to only certain team members

We now allow ‘ownership’ of customer records. This is currently managed by the following settings where you canĀ enable assignment.

Once you have these ticked, you can assign a CRM contact to one of your Customer Manager roles. This then locks that customer record only to the CRM user (or admin).

This means that the contact can not be edited by another CRM team member, unless reassigned to them (or the other CRM team member is admin).

Then assign the contact to one of your CRM team in the ‘Assign To’ box

Other CRM customer managers cannot access the edit customer page, but they can still see all contacts in the list.

Strict “Ownership” of Contacts

You may be looking for the option that only shows the contacts that a CRM team member has been assigned to (and no others). Jetpack CRM is a team CRM and each install of the CRM is a single “Team”.

To restrict the contact list to only a single team member, you would need to setup a specific team for that team member in the CRM. This is not currently available in Jetpack CRM but is coming soon in our “CRM Sites and Teams” option.

Adding additional teams to your CRM will come at an additional license cost, but you are still able to add as many contacts and as many team members to a single “CRM team” (it’s just additional teams (even teams of one)) would require this extra subscription price per seat.

If this “strict ownership” interests you, please vote for “CRM Sites and Teams” on our Coming Soon page and let us know by submitting a support ticket with the subject “I want strict ownership” in my CRM.

Updated on July 12, 2021

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