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Should I install Jetpack CRM on my main domain?

We occasionally get asked something like:

So I’m still working on building out my new WooCommerce store and I want Jetpack CRM working with my sales. I’m stuck on something though. I don’t whether I should add this to my main site, what if it conflicts with something? Do I just copy over the folder to a new subdomain?

New Guide: Standalone CRM or install on main site

Domains: Your choice

It’s perfectly safe to have this on your main domain (always regularly update your WordPress), but if you’d prefer it on a subdomain (we sometimes suggest using crm.yourdomain), that’s totally feasible too, with the WooCommerce Sync module. (More information on connecting WooCommerce Store to WooSync here).

Copying Jetpack CRM/WordPress to a new domain is doable, but might require a bit of work, depending on your setup. Here’s a useful guide from WP:


If you definitely need it on another domain it might be easier to just do a fresh install.

Updated on August 21, 2022

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