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Setting up a (default) wp_mail outbound email

After you’ve followed the guide to getting to the Mail Delivery wizard, you can hit ‘Start Wizard’ and begin adding a mail type. This guide is for those of you using your default server email (wp_mail) – if you’d like to use a mail provider (e.g. your own webmail, or something like gmail), you’ll need to skip over to the guide for SMTP setup.

1) Sender Details

Your sender details let you set the name and email you want to appear on the ‘from’ section of your outbound emails.

This is usually something like:

Send from name: Widget Company

Send from email: hello@widgetco.com

Note on wp_mail sender email

Note: It’s important to use the same domain name if you’re sending from wp_mail (this tutorial). This is because if your WordPress tries to send an email from another domain, it’ll almost definitely not get delivered, and might even get your server banned for attempting to spam.

Enter your name and email into the wizard as in the screenshot below (using your info):

2) Mail Server

If you’re following this tutorial, simply leave the default option checked (wp_mail). This is the default for most WordPress servers and is usually fine for low-scale emails out (from good hosting providers):

Then click ‘Validate Settings’.

3) Validate Settings & Confirmation

Jetpack CRM will now go away and try and send an email using the settings you’ve just set. If everything went okay, you’ll get an email in your admin inbox (from this new mail delivery method), and you’ll see a screen as below, saying ‘Confirmation’.

No Confirmation?

If your mail delivery method didn’t return this success screen, please go back and work through the steps above (and above all make sure your email from address is from the domain you’ve got this installed on).

If, however, you see a confirmation like the following, please hit finish, you did it!:

4) Finished!

You’re finished. If this is the first mail delivery method you’ve set up, it’ll show  up like the following screenshot, and it’ll automatically set itself to be the default for all outbound emails (from Jetpack CRM).

From the main mail delivery page you can now Send Test or Remove for your new mail delivery method, or you can use ‘Add Another’ to setup more via the wizard you’ve used above.

Read more about system emails & mail delivery

Updated on August 16, 2022

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