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Quick-Filter Guide: Not Contacted in X Days

As of v2.0 we’ve started adding Quick-Filters to Jetpack CRM. v2.4+ saw us roll out list-views to all of our different objects (Contacts, Companies etc.) and with this we began a wave of adding Quick-Filters. This Company & Contact Quick-Filter was sponsored by Miguel, and adds a useful function for sales teams:

Not Contacted in X Days

Want to see when you last contacted clients? That’s easy with this quick-filter. Simply add the quick-filter to your sidebar and click the button! The option defaults to 30 days (which will show you all contacts/companies which have not been contacted in the past 30 days), but you can change the day-count in the settings (walkthrough below).


There’s also a new column which is useful to use in conjunction with this Quick-filter, “Last Contacted”. You can add this to your list view by clicking the column editor icon (top right config button), and then dragging the column “Last Contacted” over into your active columns.

This’ll show you when you last contacted each contact or company, which is really useful if prioritising outreach.

Settings: Choose your day count

Here’s how you go about changing the X in “Not contacted in X days”:

  1. Go to Jetpack CRM > CRM Settings > List View.
  2. You should then see the setting as follows:
  1. Change the number to your new day count, e.g. 14, and hit “Save Settings”
  2. Then load up your Contact or Company list view (e.g. Contact -> View All from the top bar)
  3. Click the config button next to “Filters” and you should see the new option available to drag into your “Current Filters” (from “Available Filters”) – Not contacted in 14 days. Simply drag it over, so it looks something like the following image, then close the edit filters dialog with the same config button (top right in following image):
  4. That’s it! You can now click that button (Not Contacted in 14 days), and Jetpack CRM will show  you contacts (or companies) which you’ve not contacted in 14 days!

Side Note: If you change your day count, you will need to re-add your quick filter as above.

Updated on August 16, 2022

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