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For various form plugins and imports you may wish to know which fieldnames are available to use in Jetpack CRM. This page shows you the defaults available as at v2.96+ and you can see the rest of your custom field names on the Custom Fields setup page.

Available Contact Fields for Lead Generation Forms

The standard fields in the Jetpack CRM all have field keys to go with their names. Here’s the list:

prefix = Prefix
fname = First Name
lname = Last Name
email = Email Address
addr1 = Address Line 1
addr2 = Address Line 2
city = City
county = County (State)
postcode = Postal Code (Zip Code)
country = Country
secaddr1 = Address Line 1 (second address)
secaddr2 = Address Line 2 (second address)
seccity = City (second address)
seccounty = County (State) (second address)
secpostcode = Postal Code (Zip Code) (second address)
seccountry = Country (second address)
hometel = Home Telephone
worktel = Work Telephone
mobtel = Mobile Telephone

... and if you have any custom fields, they'll be something like:

Supported Fields in Gravity Forms Connect

Supported Field Types

Currently, Gravity Forms Connect can capture the following field types:

  • Text fields: Single Line Text, Paragraph Text
  • Number and Date
  • Single-value fields: Drop Down, Radio Buttons
  • Multi-value fields: Checkboxes, Multi Select
  • Contact information: Name, Phone, Email

Choosing the correct Custom Field type

Choosing the correct custom field type will depend on whether or not the Gravity Forms field type allows multiple selections or not. See the below chart for choosing compatible field types:

Gravity Forms FieldsCompatible Jetpack CRM Custom Field Type
Allows multiple selections (Checkboxes, Multi Select)Checkbox
Only allows one selection (Drop Down)Select, Checkbox
Radio ButtonsRadio
Text (Single Line Text, Paragraph Text)Textarea

Updated on November 21, 2022

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