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Adding Documents, Files, or Notes to the Contact Record

Jetpack CRM lets you manage documents against your contacts through file uploads which are then attached to the record.

This is useful if you want to store things like

  • New Contracts, or Reports
  • Signed agreements
  • Copies of ID verification (such as passport, or driving license)

To add files, you first go to edit the contact and upload the files of your choice

This will then add them to the contact’s record on in the tabbed area when viewing the contact.

When you first upload the file, it will take the filename you upload it as. Sometimes this is a bit nonsensical and you may want to add a title and description as shown above

Please note that there is currently an open issue to add an Add File button on the View Contact page, similar to Quotes, Invoices, and Transactions. As of this writing (February 2022), the only way to add additional files is via the Edit Contact page.

Additional information on custom file uploads can be found here.

Show Files on the Client Portal

The images above show the option to “Show On Portal”. This is a Premium Feature and included in the Entrepreneur’s Bundle as Client Portal Pro.

You may want to (optionally) allow some of the uploaded files to be shown on the Client Portal. This is a premium feature available as part of the Client Portal Pro extension (included in the Entrepreneur’s Bundle).

Once added, and chosen to be displayed, they’ll be shown on your Portal.

Common error when uploading files

Error: The file type that you've uploaded is not an accepted file format.

Check the File Attachment Settings under Jetpack CRM > CRM Settings > General and ensure the needed file types are checked.

Adding Activity Notes (Activity Log)

You can also add Activity Notes to your contact record if you want to make notes on progress of chats, or of other CRM activity (such as a tweet, or a phone call).

On Edit Contact view, scroll down to find the Activity Log section, and add your notes there.

Updated on August 24, 2022

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