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How do I uninstall Jetpack CRM

🙁 Oh no. Uninstalling Jetpack CRM is the last thing we want you to do. Hopefully, you’re just temporarily deactivating the plugin, but if you really are uninstalling here’s how you go about it

Step 1 – Are you sure

Tell us why (really, we listen to all feedback). If it’s a “was too hard to use” or “didn’t meet your requirements” we’d love to know about it.

If you’re struggling to do something, search this knowledge base, reach out to support, and chat with us. It could be that the CRM can do what you need, we’ve just not made it super easy to find out how (sorry about that).

Step 2 – Plugins Menu

If you can’t see your WordPress menu (i.e. you’re in ‘CRM only’ mode and/or overriding WordPress). Then you need deactivate it first by going to Jetpack CRM > CRM Settings and then choosing Full or Slimline and making sure you’ve not got ‘Override for all WP users’ ticked.

You then go to your Plugins page, and you can deactivate from there. If you know you’re way around WordPress you can also visit /wp-admin/plugins.php to get straight to that page (without changing your settings).

Step 3 – Feedback

OK, if you’ve gone straight to deactivating and then uninstalling, you’ll be asked one more time to help us understand why. We’d love it if you could share your views with us (and importantly, leave us your email so we can follow up)

Updated on August 16, 2022

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