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How do I add custom images to contacts?

Jetpack CRM has 3 different ways to use contact images. Your choice for this option defines which avatar/display image should show up for your contacts throughout the CRM.

While most digital/online sellers tend to select Gravatar.com support, some offline and local businesses have found great agency in using ‘Custom Images’ for each contact. To this end, from v2.70+ you can select the following Contact Display Image Modes:

  • Gravatars (Globally recognisable avatars, based on contact email)
  • Custom Images
  • None

How to change the contact display image setting

It’s easy to change contact image mode, simply go to your Jetpack CRM > CRM Settings and then scroll down to ‘Contact Image Mode‘, from there you can select which option you’d like to use, and thenĀ hit save at the bottom of the page.

Updated on August 16, 2022

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