WordPress Utilities Setup

If you’ve enabled account registration in your WordPress settings, you can use the WordPress Utilities extension to automatically add new WordPress users as Jetpack CRM contacts.

Before getting started, download the WordPress Utilities extension from your Jetpack CRM account and install it on your site, as described here.

Whenever someone fills out the default WordPress user registration form, they will automatically be added as a Jetpack CRM contact. That should happen automatically as long as the WordPress Utilities extension is installed and activated, without needing any other setup.

Import Existing WordPress Users

If you already had WordPress users before installing the WordPress Utilities extension, you can follow these steps to import those users as Jetpack CRM contacts.

  1. From your Jetpack CRM Dashboard, go to Tools → WordPress Users.
  1. Click the Import Contacts button.
  1. Wait for the import to complete.

After completing those steps, you should see all those WordPress users listed as Jetpack CRM contacts on your main Contacts page.

Updated on May 24, 2022

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