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View Contacts in a Segment (via Quickfilter)

With our latest guide explaining how to add a segment of Jetpack CRM Contacts, we thought we’d write a quick guide on how to quickly and easily view your newly added segment with a hyper-useful feature we’ve just added – Segment Quickfilters.

Make sure Segment Quickfilter setting is on

This setting should be on by default, but if you’re not able to follow along below, please do check that this setting is enabled in your Jetpack CRM Settings:

  1. Go to Jetpack CRM Settings -> Field Options
  2. Find the setting Segment Quickfilters and turn it to ‘Automatic Segment Quick Filters‘ if it’s not on that already (or to disable this functionality, change it to ‘No Segment Quick Filters‘)
  3. Save Settings

Using Segment Quickfilters

There are two ways you can see the contacts in a Segment. Firstly you can simply go to the Segments list and then click view next to the segment:

This is great while you’re creating segments, or editing them, but if you want an even quicker & easier way of viewing your segment, use the quickfilters!

Adding your Segment Quickfilter to your Contact List View

Here we add a button to our contact list view which lets us access our segment of contacts with 1 click. This is great for ongoing work with contacts, and can make our daily processes much more efficient.

  1. Go to Contacts -> View all and then click the ‘edit’ button at the top-right of the ‘Filters’ section of the right hand sidebar:
  2. Drag the segment you want into your Current Filters (1,2) then click the edit icon again to close this screen (3)
  3. That’s it! Now you can simply click your new filter button at any time from your Contact list view to view all of the contacts in that list view.
Updated on December 22, 2020

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