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Segment Issues and Errors

As of Core version 4.9 and Mail Campaigns version 2.4.1 you may start seeing Segment issues and errors exposed in your CRM.

Exposed Errors:

The first place you may start seeing issues is on your Segment list view. Segments with outstanding issues will be highlighted by a red exclamation triangle next to their name:

To see more information about your segment issue, edit the segment so you can see the full warning:

Common Segment Issues

Segment issues themselves are uncommon; however, the main issue you are likely to hit when using dynamic CRM segments is missing filtering arguments.

This occurs when you make a segment with a condition which uses custom filter rules which are not in the core CRM (e.g. extensions like Advanced Segments or through custom code), then for some reason the additional code which was adding these conditions is no longer on your install.

How to fix Missing filtering arguments

If you’re seeing this error then you need to recover the code which was being used to add the segment conditions. If you were using our Advanced Segments extension, you’ll need to re-activate that plugin.

If you were using custom code to add filtering arguments, and have since lost access to this somehow; you can go in and edit the segment and remove the condition which was from your custom code (the segment editor will make it clear which condition is causing the error).

In time we may add more segment issues if users hit any others, but so far you seem to be getting on fairly well with Segments.

Updated on March 1, 2022

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