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Translating Jetpack CRM

Jetpack CRM is growing in popularity every day and as it gets used by more and more countries, “How do I translate Jetpack CRM” crops up as a question more frequently as well.

How to Translate Jetpack CRM

It’s no secret: the founders of Jetpack CRM are not great at spoken languages. Our coding brains spend much of their time writing in computer languages, so translating into Dutch or Romanian or other languages doesn’t come naturally to us.

That’s where you come in to help us help you. But how?

Thanks to the open-source nature of WordPress, plugin translations are crowd-sourced from polyglot users like you, who are much better equipped to provide contextually-accurate strings for our plugin. Here is where the magic happens!

It’s a big job, but luckily WordPress.org provides the tools and support to ensure reliable translations for the core plugin. Team with us to make Jetpack CRM available in as many languages as possible!

For more information about translating via WP.org, please take a look at the Translator Handbook.

Translating Extensions

We have ton of premium extensions available for Jetpack CRM and these are not currently available for translation in the WP.org system. We’ll be evaluating a solution for translating those in a similar way in the future.

Jetpack CRM is available in my language, but X is still in English!

We have tried our best to wrap as many text strings we found for translation, but we still miss some periodically. Please reach out and let us know if you spot something amiss!

Updated on May 3, 2022

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