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Jetpack CRM Shortcodes

This article covers what shortcodes are available in Jetpack CRM. The short answer is “not a lot” here’s why.

Jetpack CRM and shortcodes

Since Jetpack CRM is a back-end admin tool, there’s very few shortcodes that Jetpack CRM produce for use.

Shortcodes are functionality of plugins (and themes) to be able to control the output on the front-end of a website without having to input complex HTML and CSS in the ‘Text’ of the editor.

That being said, we do have the following front end areas of Jetpack CRM:

Client Portal

The Client Portal doesn’t run from a shortcode however, it runs from ENDPOINTS on your site.


Forms are the only part of Jetpack CRM that use shortcodes. These are of the format [zbs_form id="44068" style="simple"] where id is the ID of the form and style is whether you want a simple form, an un-styled form or a content grab form.

Updated on August 26, 2020

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