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How to set up Livestorm for Jetpack CRM

Install the Jetpack CRM Livestorm Connector

First up you need to head over to the Livestorm webhooks part of your account, then choose Webhooks box.

Then make sure you enter the URL to your CRM with the ?zbs_listener=livestorm as the parameter on the end of the URL. This tells Zero BS CRM that the information is coming from livestorm and it should interpret it.

For this to work, you need the connector extension installed. To take advantage of the full CRM features (like sending emails to certain contacts based on tags) the bundles are the best choice.

Start getting webinar sign ups

You’ll be getting new leads for your webinar via the Livestorm registration page (ours is below) and these sign ups will be added to the CRM (tagged with livestorm as well as the webinar topic and date).

Here’s how ours looks for a recent webinar (check out the tags), but why is this important?

So, we are capturing leads into the CRM from the webinar, and as you can see from the screenshot, we are able to filter by tag and see exactly which webinar they are signed up to.

This is where the power of the CRM comes in, we are able to now see:

  • How many sign ups we are getting for the webinars over time
  • How many Customers we are getting because of the webinar
  • The split between Leads and Customers for our webinars

Our main goal of running webinars is to help more Leads make the decision to become customers of either an extension or one of the bundles. If we were only getting customers sign up, then the webinars might be better suited (for those attendees) to be more of a “clinic” where we can help solve specific questions related to extensions.

Why tagging matters

Through the Jetpack CRM Livestorm extension each contact is tagged with their webinar date, and this becomes important when we want to do things with that information. We can now write a Mail Campaign which targets only Leads who DO NOT have the tag livestorm. This means we will communicate with only the people who have not signed up before (and get fresh sign ups).

This is important because we don’t want to keep trying to get people who have already signed up to the webinar, to sign up again.

Secondly, we use these tags for post webinar marketing and follow ups. If we discuss a certain feature or offer in the webinar, we can now easily select all the people who had signed up and let them know via email about what we discussed and reminding them about any offers that are running or any other webinars they may like to see.

Updated on August 27, 2020

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