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Export CRM Contact Segments to a MailPoet Subscriber List

As of v5.5 you can now Export Jetpack CRM segments into MailPoet, creating a new Subscriber List with all your CRM contacts from the segment. You can do this with the free Core CRM by using the MailPoet Sync module.

If you want to learn how to synchronise MailPoet subscribers into Jetpack CRM, please see our MailPoet Sync QuickStart Guide.

Exporting Segments into MailPoet

Before you get started, you’ll need the following:

  1. A Segment that you want to export into MailPoet.
  2. MailPoet plugin installed (download here).
  3. The MailPoet Sync module in Jetpack CRM’s core module activated. (To do this, click Tools from the top menu in Jetpack CRM, then click Core Modules. From this page, you can enable MailPoet Sync.)

Got those sorted already? Well done; let’s start exporting to MailPoet!

Exporting a segment

Once you have MailPoet and MailPoet Sync installed and activated, you can visit your Segment list view (via CRM > Contacts > Segments). From there, it’s as easy as clicking MailPoet Export to start the exporter:

Click MailPoet Export from the CRM Segments list view

That will start the export wizard, adding your CRM contacts to MailPoet.

Please note! This will only add contacts who have a valid email address.

Exporting CRM contacts Wizard

Once finished, you’ll be able to see the list in MailPoet under “Lists” and send out your email campaign directly from MailPoet.

Updated on December 14, 2022

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