Awesome Support Setup

The Awesome Support Connector extension for Jetpack CRM requires that the core Awesome Support plugin also installed.

It’s super easy to integrate your Jetpack CRM with Awesome Support. We have an extension which does just that. Once you activate the extension you can see which of your Jetpack CRM contacts have sent in support tickets. This ticket summary is added to the Contact page:

This gives you a great way of seeing the tickets in that your Jetpack CRM contacts have opened with you and links in the CRM with your Awesome Support Desk.


The extension can also log any tickets the customer has opened in the activity log.  From the Contact page, you can click on Contact Actions and Add Log:

… but it now gets added to the customer activity log for that user (and builds up the customer activity record).

Also, once it’s into the log you can use the CRM advanced search to search across all of the CRM data and discover popular topics of support that have come in across your customers.

Adding Custom Tabs to Client Portal

If you want the abiity for users to view and submit tickets from the client portal, this is possible with the extension Client Portal Pro.

We have instructions here:

That will allow you create new pages, which are turned into tabs, like so:

Awesome Support has a list of shortcodes you can use that make building these pages simple.

Updated on February 27, 2023

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