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Adding Tabs and Content to the Client Portal

We have previously written a guide about how you can do this through custom code, however, since Jetpack CRM: 2.98.8 you can now easily add new tabs and content through creating a child page of your client portal page

The “Client Portal” page in the above screenshot will be where your Client Portal shortcode is and what you set in Jetpack CRM settings “Client Portal Page” for this setup to work. You also need our Client Portal Pro extension.

Once you have this set up, all you need to do to have new tabs and content via the client portal is create a child page to the portal. You do this the usual way and then set the “Parent Page” to be your Portal page.

set the parent page

If you can’t see the “Parent Page” option, it might be that your theme does not support it, or the editor does not display it for you. You can check this by going to Quick Edit any of the pages in your list and choosing the parent there

Set the page parent via Quick Edit (if available in your theme)

Once you’ve done this, your Portal will now look like this, notice the extra “Custom Tab” which loads in the content you have on your child page.

That’s all that there is to it. You can now easily add pages to the client portal, customised to your needs via the WordPress page system.

Available as part of Client Portal Pro
This feature is only available if you have Client Portal Pro installed.
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Updated on February 8, 2022

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